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ADOB®Cu IDHA is recommended for foliar application crops very susceptible for copper deficiency: maize, cereals, potatoes, sunflower and sugar beets. It increases winter hardiness, improves immunity to fungi and bacteria. It improves chlorophyll synthesis and activates many enzymes.
ADOB®Cu IDHA is available as liquid product and in a form of dust-free microgranules. Copper is chelated with a biodegradable IDHA chelate, thus the product is more effective and supplied the plants with highly available copper.

Components Content in g/l Content in % by weight Content in % by volume
nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3) 27 2 2,7
Cu (copper) 58 4,4 5,8
Fertilizing programs
Crop Application period Form liquid
Dosage (l/ha)
Solution (l/ha)
Cereals Autumn: 4 leaves
Spring: until the first node phase
Horticultural before blooming 1,5-2 1000
Vegetables 0,25-2 300-400
Strawberries before blooming 1,5 500

Avalaible packaging: 10 l, 20 l, 1000 l

Form: liquid