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 ADOB® 2.0 Mo is a liquid, single-compound foliar fertilizer to be used in rape, legumes. The product is recommended on acidy soils, light soils and soils with a high content of iron but low content of phosphorus. Molybdenum is indispensible for proper nitrogen and phosphorus transformation.

It is an element of chlorophyll and vitamins.


Liquid form:

Components Content in g/l Content in % by weight Content in % by volume
N (nitrogen) 48 3,9 4,8
Mo (molybdenum) 100 8,1 10
Fertilizing programs
Crop Application period Form liquid
Dosage (l/ha)
Solution (l/ha)
Cereals 0,1 200-300
Rapeseed Autumn: phase of 4-6 leaves
Spring: following the commencement of growth
200 - 300
200 - 300
tomato when plant leaves are well-developed 0,08-0,16 200-300
cauliflower well developed leaves 0,08-0,16 200-300
Legumes and cruciferous plants early development stages 0,1-0,2 200-300

Avalaible packaging: 2 l, 10 l, 20 l, 1000 l

Form: liquid