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ADOB® Mg EDTA is a single-component solid fertilizer which corrects magnesium deficiencies, based on the EDTA chelating agent. It is excellent at correcting magnesium deficiencies and chelation using the EDTA agent makes secondary nutrients available for a longer time and prevents them from returning to forms that are unavailable to plants. This translates into better plant growth and higher yields. The fertilizers are available in the form of dust-free microgranules which additionally do not clump and are dissolved in water very quickly.
ADOB® Mg EDTA is for foliar fertilization and fertigation as a single component or as an addition to NPK fertilizers. It is recommended for use if magnesium availability is limited.


Liquid form:

Components Content in g/kg Content in % by weight
Mg 60 6
Fertilizing programs
Foliar application
Crop Number of applications per vegetation period Dose per application (kg/ha) Working liquid (l/ha)
corn, potato, rice
1-2 1,0-2,0 200-300
flowers: rose, carnation, chrysanthemum 1-2 0,5-1,0 200-300
sugar cane 1-2



vegetables: tomato, pepper, onion, garlin, cabbage,
cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, melon, watermelon

1-2 1,0-2,0 250-500
pineaplle 1-2 1,0-2,0 250-500
coffee 1-2 1,0-2,0 250-500
apple 2-3 2,0-3,0 500-1000
peach 1-2 2,0-3,0 500-1000
banana 1-2 1,0-2,0 500-1000
mango, avocado, oil palm 1-2 1,0-2,0 500-1000
citrus: orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit 2-3 2,0-4,0 500-2000

Crop Dose on 1m3 solution (kg)* Concentration (ppm) (mg/l) (g/m3)
fruit trees
0,4-0,6 Mg 24-36

 *take into account Mg concentration in the water (water analysis)


Avalaible packaging: 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg

Form: solid