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ADOB® Mikro

Liquid foliar fertilizer for vegetable crops. Micronutrients are chelated using the EDTA chelating agent. In this way, they have a form that is easily assimilated by plants. The balanced composition of macro- and micronutrients meets the needs of vegetable and agricultural crops
at various growth stages excellently, and ensures higher resistance of plants to stress conditions.

Components Content in g/l Content in % by weight Content in % by volume
urea nitrogen (N - NH2) 62 5 6,2
K2O (potasium oxide) 62 5 6,2
B (boron) 6 0,5 0,6
Cu (copper) 2 0,16 0,2
Fe (iron) 4 0,3 0,4
Mn (manganese) 14 1,1 1,4
Mo (molybdenum) 0,5 0,04 0,05
Zn (zinc) 5 0,4 0,5
Fertilizing programs

Avalaible packaging: 10 l, 20 l, 1000 l

Form: liquid