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ADOB® Siarka (ADOB® Sulphur)

ADOB® Sulphur is a solid foliar fertilizer in the form of dust-free microgranules. The product does not clump and dissolves in water very quickly.

ADOB® Sulphur is necessary to supplement soil fertilization, especially under stress conditions, such a drought, cold weather and low soil pH values. Its composition is enriched with manganese chelated with the EDTA chelating agent.

The use of ADOB® Sulphur fertilizer increases plant resistance to stress and fungal diseases and increases the yield-forming effect of nitrogen.

Components Content in g/kg Content in % by weight
N (nitrogen) 140 14
urea nitrogen (N - NH2) 57 5,7
ammonia nitrogen (N - NH4) 83 8,3
SO3 (sulfur trioxide) 440 44
MgO (magnesium oxide) 140 14
Mn (manganese) 4 0,4
Fertilizing programs
Crop Form solid
Dosage (kg/ha)
Solution (l/ha)
Cereals 2 200-300

Rapeseed 2 200-300
Sugar beets 2 200-300
Vegetables 2 300-600
Sunflower 2
Fruit trees and shrubs 2 400-600

Stability of chelated solution pH 3-7.


Avalaible packaging: 20 kg

Form: solid