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Basfoliar® 2.0 6-12-6

Basfoliar® 2.0 6-12-6 contains nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and a rich variety of micronutrients, including boron (B), molybdenum (Mo) as well elements chelated by the IDHA chelating agent – copper (Cu), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn). Because of its composition, this fertilizer is especially recommended for maize, legumes and apple orchards.

It is also very good at fighting acute phosphorus deficiencies in other crops. 
Basfoliar® fertilizers are a group of liquid, compound foliar fertilizers for all types of crops. The specially-developed composition of each one makes it possible to fertilize plants in the most effective way in the shortest time. Basfoliar® fertilizers combine tradition and modernity. The new of Basfoliar 2.0 fertilizers formula allows for the even distribution of the spray liquid over the leaf surface, thanks to which the drops do not flow towards the tip of the leaf.

Liquid form:

Components Content in g/l Content in % by weight Content in % by volume
N (nitrogen) 72 6,0 7,2
P2O5 (phosphorus pentaoxide) 144 12,0 14,4
K2O (potasium oxide) 72 6,0 7,2
B (boron) 0,12 0,01 0,012
Cu (copper) 0,12 0,01 0,012
Fe (iron) 0,24 0,02 0,024
Mn (manganese) 0,12 0,01 0,012
Mo (molybdenum) 0,06 0,005 0,006
Zn (zinc) 0,6 0,05 0,06
Fertilizing programs
Crop Concentration of working liquid (%) Form liquid
Dosage (l/ha)
Solution (l/ha)
Maize 1-3 5 200-300
Strawberries 0,3-0,4 3-5 1500
Fruit trees 0,5-1 7,5-15 1000
Open field vegetables 0,3-0,4 4-6 300-400
- 1 x before flowering
- 2 x after flowering
1-3 6-12 200-200

Avalaible packaging: 20 l, 1000 l

Form: liquid