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Magplus - solid fertilizer for foliar application and fertigation. It is a source of highly available magnesium enriched with microelements. All micronutrients are chelated with a biodegradable IDHA chelate. Magplus is recommended on soils poor with magnesium and where the risk of micronutrient deficiency is high.

It has a form of yellowish flakes.


Liquid form:

Components Content in % by weight
nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3) 10,50
MgO (magnesium oxide) 15,00
B (boron) 0,05
Cu (copper) 0,02
Mn (manganese) 0,08
Mo (molybdenum) 0,01
Zn (zinc) 0,05
Fertilizing programs

Avalaible packaging: 25 kg

Form: solid